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Land of the Glaciers
Martin County owes its spectacular beauty to the glaciers.  The astonishingly beautiful cliffs along the White River result from the unglaciated area that forms most of the county.  For more detailed information, please visit www.visitmartincounty.org.     
Natural beauty abounds in Martin County. Whether you are just passing through or intending to stay a while, there is a wealth of recreational opportunities.  At the Hoosier Natural Forest, Martin State Forest, Hindostan Falls State Recreation District, and West Boggs Park, one could enjoy fishing, hiking, boating, or simply enjoy the scenery.  The natural surroundings in Martin County make it a beautiful and relaxing place to visit.


The history, traditions, and folklore that permeate the area provide plenty of opportunities to visit and learn about what makes Martin County, Martin County.  Truly unique and unforgettable, you and your family are welcome for a day trip or a longer stay.  Stop by the quaint shops, enjoy a delicious meal in a cozy restaurant, admire historical homes, or engage in a game of golf.  No matter what you choose, we know you’ll love the experiences that Martin County has to offer.

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